Saturday, July 22, 2006

Clean and Press in Bodypump!

The entry phase of the clean and press is the Up Right Row, the most common issue is that people often pyle on to much weight for the track when they start out in Bodypump, the other thing is that people fail to perform the exercise using a controlled method.

Breaking the clean and Press down!

"The function position of the wrist - where it has the ability to accept loadand exert the most grip - strength - is slight in extension and ulnar deviation. In Bodypump we aim to maintain this alignment to avoid injury (Les Mills International)"

"Exercising the wrist in the functional position minimises the effects of compression and eliminates stress on ligaments and cartilage. (Les Mills International)"

© Les Mills International circa 2001
The Clean and Press - Analysis

1. The width of the hands is important in Bodypump C & P, the wider the better.
2. Knees should be slightly bent, this will take the stress of the knees.
3. This is a close chain exercise. The bar should be kept as close as possible to the body as possible.
4. Fingers should be wrapped around the bar to avoid the bar slipping.
5. "Avoid a looping arc of the bar away from the body as this will tend to cause the wrists to hyperextend when the bar is positioned for the press phase (© Les Mills International)"
6. "The elbows should be bought quickly under the bar into positionon wherthatet are directly under the wrist (© Les Mills International)" This allows the proper execution of the snatch part of the C & P.
7. The bar should remain of the middle part of the hand at all times not coming forward or back.
8. The bar is lowered in a controlled manner "Shoulder height" according to (© Les Mills International). It is at this stage the knees are then bent so that the force of the return of the C & P can have less impact on the knees.
9. The downward part of the Upright Row is then commenced and the bar is then returned to set position.
10. Prenancy options apply to the clean and press and row work (ask your Bodypump Instructor.) for additional informaiton.

Additional Information:

As this a close chain exercise the bar is kept as close to the body as possible, we need to do this to stop trunk hyperextension while in the top range of movement in the C *& P phase of the clean and press.

Abdominal activationoccurringring while in the whole of the exercise.

Soft knees at all times.

Experiment with grip always return to set position before commencing other activities in Bodypump!


If you have any forms of physical problems please consult a doctor and advise your doctor before doing any of exercise. If you have any forms of physical disability then do not do these exercise without guidance They will be able to advise you of alternate methods of exercises to complete. If you are pregnant then ask your Bodypump Instructor for additional help!


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